Why Us

Preferential Pricing

Clients who make use of our network of trusted service providers enjoy preferential pricing. We have agreed with our various service providers to offer our clients a reduced rate on their fees as long as they act through the network. This allows our clients greater access to more service providers.

Proper Problem Identification

Often we see clients having to approach multiple service providers and incurring multiple fees just to find the right person for the job. Proper problem identification from the start streamlines the process, saving clients’ money and time as well as ensuring the problem is handled correctly from the start. Through our diverse team we are able to properly identify and analyse problems and direct you immediately to the service provider most suited to the task.

An Expert for Every Task

Our network of trusted service providers is made up of numerous experts in their fields, who are able to advise and consult on a variety of issues. We are able to instruct experts to deal with an individual task or consult on a broader spectrum. This means that each task is handled in the best manner, by the best person, at a reduced rate.

No Mark Up on Service Provider Fees

We are not middle men. We do not add any additional charges or mark up to our service providers standard fees, in fact we offer you a discounted rate when making use of our network.

Service Provider Management

It can be extremely frustrating having to constantly follow up with service providers and ensure that the work is being attend to. Often clients are not in a position to question the service provider’s quality of work or actions and is forced to pay an invoice without knowing what it really was for. We are able to assist clients by managing the various service providers and ensuring that work is completed efficiently, timeously and is of a high standard.