About Us

Black Ink Advisory offers end-to-end business consulting and services.

At Black Ink Advisory we understand that every business owner wants to do what they do best; run their business. But, as most new business owners soon discover, days can be filled with endless meetings with attorneys, accountants, labour consultants and more - leaving little time to actually do business.

Appointing these positions, knowing who to trust and judging the quality of work can often be difficult and poor choices can result in heavy financial burdens. In order to facilitate this process, we manage the relationship between the business and the service provider, ensuring high-quality, fair and ethical business dealings. This leaves our clients free to focus on their core business with the peace of mind that there is someone with the appropriate knowledge and experience handling the situation.

Our team of tried-and-tested service providers cover all fields of business and are kept to the highest standard of service delivery within defined budgets. Making use of our trusted network of service providers, our clients have access to a service offering that is both flexible and cost-effective, equipping their company to comfortably handle any hurdles the industry may throw at them.

Ethical Business

The underpinning of Black Ink Advisory is the utter belief in ethical business. Currently we are in an economy fraught with corruption and greed, making it hard to know when you are dealing with an honest person. We only work with service providers of the highest character, who we truly believe uphold our ideals and convictions.

Umbrella Viewpoint

Most service providers give advice in isolation and are unable to approach the problem from all angles. We are able to strategize with clients and offer holistic solutions due to our comprehensive approach and diverse team.

Truly Multi-Purpose

As your business grows you will encounter new and unfamiliar problems. We offer forward thinking advice in order to ensure that your business navigates its growth successfully, avoiding the pitfalls and obstacles that occur naturally during expansion.

In looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if they don't have the first, the other two will kill you.

Warren Buffet


Adriaan Smuts - image

Adriaan Smuts

B. Acc. LLB, B. Acc. Hons
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Caitlin Gottschalk

Bcom Communications, LLB
Braam van Rensburg - image

Braam van Rensburg

BA (Pol), B. Proc, MBL
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Ilé Smuts

B. Acc. LLB